The Africa Venture: fostering investment, impact, and innovation

Africa offers challenging, yet exciting opportunities for businesses.
With significant improvements in macroeconomic policy frameworks, increasing integration, and the rise of entrepreneurial hubs, business ecosystems across the continent are becoming more attractive.
The continent has also seen a rising new generation of bold and creative innovators developing game-changing ventures. Leveraging new technologies to develop tailored solutions, Africa has become a leapfrog champion and home to some of the most innovative business models.

In the middle of such substantial promise, there is a growing consensus that prosperity and development can only be sustained through maximizing social and environmental welfare. At INSEAD, we strongly believe that the future of African businesses depends on their ability to maximize the profit equation for both Business and Society, as captured in INSEAD’s mission to use “Business as a Force for Good”.

The 2019 edition of INSEAD’s Africa Business Conference will bring together major stakeholders and address topics on Investment, Innovation and Impact through discussion panels, workshops while offering exciting networking opportunities.

Join us at the International Conference center of Sorbonne University in Paris for the 6th INSEAD Africa Business Conference. We look forward to meeting you.

See you soon,

The INSEAD Africa Business Club

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